What is Quaser?

Quaser is a sci-fi resource management game series in which you manage different sections of a spaceship with scarce resources. The complexity involved in keeping the ship functional and oneself alive is the core of the game. Watch the gauges and monitor your resources carefully and hold your breath - space is unforgiving.

Quaser One Resource Management Android Game

First Quaser game released in June 2016 after a two-year time period of learning, coding and sketching. In Quaser One, your job is to monitor and manage 5 sections of the spaceship with 4 different types of primary resources. Your resources are decreasing at a fast rate. Your main goal is to get to your destination before your resources run out. You can see the sections of the ship below.

Quaser One Resource Management Main Menu

Main Menu

From the main menu you can start the game, adjust sound or music volumes and reset the game.

Quaser One Resource Management Power Module

Power Module

Power Plant-1, Power Plant-2 and Power Distribution System are inside Power Module.

Quaser One Resource Management Storage Module

Storage Module

Energy Storage Control, Batteries and ANN are inside Storage Module.

Quaser One Resource Management Control Module

Control Module

Bio, Hull Monitor and Fuel Cell Control are inside Control Module.

Quaser One Resource Management Habitation Module

Habitation Module

Life Support Monitor and Cryo Chambers are inside Habitation Module.

Quaser One Resource Management Service Module

Service Module

Oxygen Generator, Carbondioxide Reclaimer and Greenhouse are inside Service Module


The Story of Quaser

4 years ago, the spaceship Quaser-II from Earth journeyed deep into the galaxy. There due to an anomaly, it crash landed on the planet 228 Hydra.

All communication is lost since then. But before cut-off from Earth, strange encrypted messages received from the ship.

After eighteen months of preparation, Quaser-II's little brother spacecraft Quaser-I is set on route to unravel the mystery surrounding the incident and save the crew.

But the increasing number of failures aboard the ship and lack of resources, chances of successfully completing the mission seems more distant than ever...


The Story of Quaser

By the end of 22th century, ISRA (International Space Research Agency) started Echelon program to search for habitable worlds beyond our solar system. In 15 years, 27 un-manned spaceships were used and total of 56 planets visited. It took another 15 years to analyze the data received and prepare for a colonization attempt.

During that time, the leading global security and aerospace company Globtex built two spaceships: Quaser One and Quaser Two, for a long term space use and delivered to ISRA. Quaser One is the smaller and faster ship intended for the early arrival with a crew of four and make the initial setup of the colony. Quaser Two is the big brother which would arrive later with the rest of the colony and make a permanent settlement.

Although the initial plan was to use both ships, a last minute problem on the Quaser One resulted in the cancellation of its launch. ISRA board decided to use only Quaser Two for the mission.

In 2210, Quaser-II was launched for the colonization mission of 228 Hydra. There were 8 crew members and 264 passengers on board. The spaceship contained everything a space colony would need.

The journey was estimated to take 4 years and 18 days. But at the end of the journey, while ascending to the planet's surface, all communication was cut-off from Quaser-II.

Little is known about the incident at this point. Latest data received was analyzed by the experts and indicates that Quaser Two was crash landed on the planet. But during months to come there was no communication from the spaceship. Simulations on Earth did not reveal any answers also.

Even though existence of any survivors is unknown, growing distress of the public forced ISRA to send Quaser One for a rescue mission.

Now it is the year 2215, you are on board the spaceship Quaser One, on route to 228 Hydra. Will you be able to unravel the mystery surrounding the incident and save the crew?